About The Sea Hunt Collector

I first tried scuba diving in 1958 while at my Uncle and Aunt’s cottage in Bowmanville, Ontario.
The story of that first scuba ‘dive’ is well-known and has been published in numerous diving magazines over the years. Many people have read it and enjoyed it. I hope you do too. Remember as you read that I was just 10 years old. Here’s a link to the story:   He Has No Idea

Not much later I was a certified scuba diver and spent all my leisure time underwater emulating my hero Mike Nelson. Sea Hunt, the most successful TV show at the time, ran it’s first episode in – 1958!
I never missed a show and I shared every exciting experience and emotion with Mike.
The details of my scuba diving career are well-documented on the Sea Hunt Forever website. You can read their page about Alec Peirce here:     SeaHuntForever/AlecPeirce

Today I simply enjoy sharing my collection with other Sea Hunt fans. Of course, lots of divers don’t know that they’re Sea Hunt fans until I get talking to them!

Alec with his 2 Sea Hunt pinball machines.

I’m also thrilled to travel with my collection to various diving venues – clubs, dive shows, scuba trade shows or special Sea Hunt events.
I have been to several states (Ohio, Florida, California), The Bahamas, Mexico and around Ontario too.
The collection has been featured in diving magazines and on television too.
I think talking about the collection, Mike Nelson and Sea Hunt takes me back to my early days of diving when it was simply fun. I never tire of it and would be happy to share your thoughts.

Needless to say, if you have any Sea Hunt memorabilia, I’d love to hear from you.   I also have a large collection of Lloyd Bridges memorabilia and trivia – newspaper articles, magazine pictures, notices about the Bridges family and a lot more. If you’re a fan of Lloyd Bridges, please contact me as well.

Alec Peirce

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