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Mask & Flippers

Book #8  This book is unique. I didn’t know it existed until recently and well after the previous text was written.
The previous Book #5, which is the Soft Cover version of Mask & Flippers, was the only version of that book I was aware of. It was quite common. It featured a unique image of Mike Nelson on the cover and the pictures within were scattered through the book rather than collected in the center. Otherwise it was pretty much the same as the other versions of Mask & Flippers, just in Soft Cover.
I was surprised to find this new version which is essentially, a Hard Cover version of that Soft Cover book. The cover image is the unique one of Mike Nelson and the images again are scattered throughout the book rather collected in the middle.
The differences are:
   1. it is a Hard Cover bound book
   2. it has a list of other Cornerstone Library publications on the back leaf
   3. there are some minor variations in the coloring e.g. the spine is white instead of blue.

This book is a former library book (ex lib) and the index card in the back pocket shows that it was very popular. It is in good shape with no major faults but shows its age with yellow pages, bumped corners and a few external scars.
I have to rate this as RR5 for the moment until I determine if there are other copies around.

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