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Rarity and Value of Sea Hunt Memorabilia

Many divers ask me what their Sea Hunt stuff is worth. They are usually disappointed to discover that a 60 year-old comic book in great condition that they have carefully stored since they were a kid is only worth about $10. There’s no point my lying about such a thing because a quick Google or eBay search will tell you the truth almost instantly.

Sure, I see Sea Hunt comics listed as “Rare” and “Hard To Find” with prices sometimes into the hundreds of dollars but, that same comic in the same condition is also available for $25. You cannot judge by asking price. Only the selling price matters.

That being the case, I will NOT assign a price to each item. In some cases, I may discuss price when such a discussion is valuable either to caution a collector to not pay too much or to suggest that he may have to pay a lot.

A Rarity Rating is easier and I can do that in good conscience because I have spent years (and a lot of money) getting my Sea Hunt collection to its present state and I have a pretty good idea how hard it is to find some items.

I’ll keep it simple. Each item will have a Rarity Rating number (RR) from 1 to 5 where 1 is common and 5 is rare. It looks like this:

RR1 means this item is NOT Rare and it ought to be quite easy to find one on most on-line auction sites.

RR2 means the item will take a bit of work but with persistence, you’ll soon add it to your collection.

RR3 means you will need a bit of luck to find it but it’s out there. Check my ‘Tips For Collectors’ for some ideas to increase your odds but be patient if looking for an RR3. Some items take years to find.

RR4 means that you are not likely to add this to your collection. It could happen, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t find one. RR4 items are NOT common and do NOT appear very often if at all.
When you do get it, you should be excited and proud.

RR5 means that there may be only one of these items in existence and if I have it in my collection, you don’t and probably won’t.

Good hunting.

As The Collection grows, more will be posted on the website.

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